Missouri Dem predicts new wave of Ferguson unrest if no conviction in officer’s case

Missouri Dem predicts new wave of Ferguson unrest if no conviction in officer’s case

I saw this nauseating, black racist, rabble rousing waste of space on tv last night.  And, boy was it painful.  Its hard to verbalize just how breathtakingly irresponsible it is for a public official like her to make such outrageous statements.  She is an elected official that has NO clue what her job is and what it means.  What she oughtta do is resign her position as a Missouri state senator and join up with the New Black Panther Party and go be a rabble rouser…but at least be honest about it.  Til then, the MO State Senate should censor her for her profanity laced Tweets to the Governor’s site.  It is beneath the dignity of her office to act like that and say such vile things.  Black liberal Democrats like this MO State Senator, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the NAACP, and especially the disgusting New Black Panther Party are the problem; NOT the solution in Ferguson, Missouri.  She is even calling for St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullough (a DEMOCRAT!) to step down because his father, a former cop, was killed in the line of duty by a black man…back in 1964; fifty years ago!!  She and others in the black community think that’s somehow a conflict of interest, which is, of course, beyond absurd.  By THAT logic, AG Eric Holder should step aside, along with his entire so-called “Civil Rights Division” of the Justice Department for a far more obvious and direct conflict of interest.  After all, they have been already cited by a judge in New Orleans for tampering with evidence and witnesses in an investigation down  there!  And, Eric Holder’s bias is well established and he isn’t even apologetic about it.  I mean, c’mon.  He actually MET with the family of Michael Brown, but not that of the officer.  He CLEARLY has taken a side in this tragedy…something he should NOT do.  His job is to be totally/100% IMpartial.  But, again, that’s ok.  Its a double standard that’s acceptable.  Just fathom if the AG was a white Republican and had met with the white officer and spoke about being there to support that white officer that had shot the unarmed black teen?  KaBOOOM!  Anyway, nothing short of a conviction of murder for Officer Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri will be enough for liberal black racists like this woman…the facts be damned.  To people like this, the facts don’t count, and aren’t important.  Its all about their philosophy of “get-even-with-them-ism; ” getting back at the evil white man.  Again, I hope the MO State Senate censors this disgusting tool for her vile comments and threats to Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO). 

Monuments to Obama raise some hackles

Monuments to Obama raise some hackles

The bloom definitely is off the Obama rose..  In a recent poll, Obama was voted the worst president since WWII.  As many of you might imagine, I wholeheartedly agree with the majority on that.  And, more and more people (including Democrats!) are rethinking their naming of this road or that building after our limp-wristed, metro-sexual, golfer-in-chief.  More folks just want him gone.  Unfortunately, we’re stuck with that moron til Jan 2017…  Ughh,…  I think I’ll think about that and have a beer…or twelve.

TSA Admits Lying About Illegal Aliens Flying Without Proper ID

TSA Admits Lying About Illegal Aliens Flying Without Proper ID

This, of course, isn’t news.  Breitbart broke this story over a month ago.  TSA then denied it.  Now, come to find, the TSA knowingly lied about that.  No bueno.  Hopefully this story will catch some traction.  Currently, its nowhere to be found in the dominantly liberal mainstream media.  Big surprise.  The Obama Administration and all of its federal agencies (i.e. Homeland Security, CBP, ICE, TSA, etc.) that have anything to do with the immigration and illegal immigration issue are under instructions from the White House to just let illegals go and let them fade away into American society.  You may recall a few months ago that ICE just let out over 38,000 “criminal aliens,” including convicted murderers, rapists, and so on.  Just let them out.  They defended their actions by saying they did “in anticipation” of the possible sequestration budgetary cuts.  Wrap your brain around that..  Anyway, It is SO outrageous what this President is doing, and failing to do; his job.    As we say almost daily here at The Daily Buzz, it is WAY past time to BUILD THE WALL!!!!…and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically on the border!!..NOT back 40 miles (where many Border Patrol checkpoints are currently located) so as to allow illegals to get on to U.S. soil.  These illegals must NOT be allowed to set foot on U.S. soil.  As for these illegals who get on a plane?  Just divert the plane to Mexico and drop em off.  Its insane that they’re being allowed to board without the necessary documentation.  Even when I was on active duty playing Army, I wasn’t allowed to do that.  Think about the security risks of that.  Who else is getting on without documentation?  Drug cartels?  Al Qaeda?  ISIS? Taliban? People with Ebola?  What’s the point of having security, if they knowingly, willingly, look the other way and don’t do their job?  Be afraid..