Boehner rules out impeachment: ‘Scam started by Democrats’

Boehner rules out impeachment: ‘Scam started by Democrats’

Speaker Boehner is exactly correct in that this whole talk in D.C. of seriously considering impeaching Obama HAS been furthered by Dems as a fundraising tactic in this election season.  And, its apparently working…unfortunately.  Yes, there are some big names in the GOP party like Sarah Palin, some federal GOP legislators, and a few talk show hosts that HAVE been advocating impeachment.  All true.  And, in the interest of full disclosure, I am 100% sympathetic to those calls.  Obama has violated his oath of office countless times, failed in his #1 priority to protect America and its borders, and has knowingly, and brazenly circumvented Congress and our Constitutional process repeatedly for over 5 years.  If ever there was a President that should be impeached, its Obama.  Unfortunately, there is NOWHERE near the numbers in House (translation..votes) at this time for it to pass.  And, of course, the Senate is still under Dem control.  So, even if Obama were impeached by the House, he would never get convicted and removed from office as long as Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) is the Majority Leader.  So, Speaker Boehner is wise to dismiss this for the time being, and downplay the hysteria being put out there by the DNC and Dem politicians.  That said, and depending on how the midterm elections in November (just over 3 months from now) turn out, it MIGHT be an issue that comes back up.  But, at least for now, its dead in the water, and should be.  We have a VERY important election in a little over 90 days..and its absolutely critical that we as a country stay focused on that, and not get distracted by the Dems and their scare tactics.

Former CIA spy: Putin using Soviet tactics to confuse US

Former CIA spy: Putin using Soviet tactics to confuse US

An interesting read/interview with former career CIA operative Jack Devine, who has been there and done that.  Some good advice from an intel professional about tactics that can be used by the Intelligence Community (IC) to help thwart Vlad’s current aggressive posture.  Jack makes several good points.  That said, I STILL would approach the standoff with Vlad from a more holistic/robust/well-rounded vantage point.  Mindful of that, I’d work with our EU and NATO allies to provide secured loans to Ukraine (with several strings attached that benefit OUR national security interests) so they can purchase weapon systems, and take care of their infrastructure.  Additionally, I’d recommend providing high quality, real-time, relevant, and useful military intelligence to the Ukraine military, and send a team of “military advisors” (i.e. U.S. Army Special Forces) to Kiev to help train, equip, and motivate the Ukrainian military.  Ukraine is currently engaging a far superior enemy in the Russians, and they need a little guidance, training,  and moral support.  NATO should, at the same time, start having large-scale military exercises in countries like Poland, etc.  The optics (and psychological value) of seeing a brigade of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Div jumping into Poland (even for a mere exercise) would be quite the image for those in the Kremlin to see.  Additionally, America should level SERIOUS economic sanctions against Russia that have “teeth;” not the wimpy ones Obama has signed off on thus far.  Finally, as I’ve said many times here..  We should send an entire U.S. Navy aircraft carrier battle group to the Baltic and park the ships just outside of Russia’s territorial waters (in international waters, of course) and have them conduct drills right there.  Implementing all of those measures simultaneously, along with using the covert measures that Jack Devine recommends here, would probably stop Vlad cold in his tracks, and make him seriously rethink his ambitions.

Army buys more M9 pistols

Army buys more M9 pistols

Big disappointment..  I’ve been looking forward to seeing what the Army would get to replace the awful M9, but no cookie….not yet, anyway.  Looks like, thanks to the bloated/bureaucratic/wasteful/slow-to-change procurement process at DoD, the Army is gonna buy another 100,000+ Berettas while it still decides what its replacement will be in the future.

As fighting in Gaza rages on, Kerry battles hapless bumbler perception

As fighting in Gaza rages on, Kerry battles hapless bumbler perception

But, John Kerry IS a “hapless bumbler!”  And, he is being told by Israel to please NOT come back to the region because he is only making things worse.  The last time he was there and offered an offensively pro-Hamas ceasefire agreement, the Israeli cabinet voted 19-0 unanimously AGAINST it.  Like Charles K. noted yesterday on FoxNews, that cabinet doesn’t vote unanimously on anything, including “whether the sun rises in the east.”  That should tell you how they feel about John Kerry, and Obama’s administration in general.