Feds to spend $9 million to provide attorneys to illegal border children

The Obama administration will pay $9 million over the next two years to give taxpayer-funded attorneys to some of the illegal immigrant children who have surged across the U.S. border this year, the Health and Human Services Department said Tuesday.

Utter insanity.. Obama does not have the right to do this! Under the Constitution, only Congress can allocate federal funds. Period! And, c’mon.. This sends a very bad message to other would be illegals that they’ll get free legal help when they arrive. Seriously? THIS is why we need to secure the border. Its gotten SO far out of control, that you and I are paying for them to have legal representation…and they’re here illegally!! They crossed illegally. Therefore they have no rights! This is wrong on SO many levels.. Unreal..

Secret Service director resigns after security failures

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned Wednesday, after a security breach at the White House and other high-profile incidents raised widespread concerns about the safety of the president and his family.

Whether she volunteered her resignation and it as accepted, OR the President asked for her resignation (effective immediately), it was the right thing that she go. There have been FAR too many security breaches involving the First Family, and its unacceptable. This latest incident.. Just imagine if it hadn’t been an Army vet with a knife that jumped the fence and physically got into the White House and the First Family hadn’t been home? What if it had been someone with a suicide vest on…and the First Family HAD been home? The U.S. Secret Service, is ostensibly the best law enforcement agency on the planet. Unfortunately, it hasn’t lived up to its legacy lately.

Jimmy Carter says he would have defeated Reagan had he been more ‘manly’

Former President Jimmy Carter claimed Wednesday that he would have been re-elected and beaten Ronald Reagan in 1980 if had been more “manly” in his dealings with Iran.

Are you kidding me?!? lol Talk about history revisionism! Ol’ Jimmy Carter, who turns 90 today (Happy Birthday, btw), is taking stock of his mortality, and thinking about his legacy and what will be said about him after he’s gone. So, he is trying desperately to put the best spin possible on his 4 years as President which was probably the second worst presidency in the last half century…secondly only to Barack H. Obama.

A couple fact checks… #1) Jimmy Carter had NOTHING to do with the release of the American hostages being held in Tehran in 1981. The hostages were released AFTER Reagan was sworn in as President. And why was that? Because the Mullahs in Iran were terrified of Ronald Reagan..and rightfully so. They knew that if they didn’t release the American hostages who had been held for over a year, that Reagan would mount a rescue mission and it wouldn’t fail like the infamous “Desert One” operation did that Carter had previously ordered. Reagan wouldn’t hold back. So, to the mullahs, it just wasn’t worth it. #2) Yeah, Carter wasn’t the man that Reagan was..true. But, that had NOTHING to do with why Carter wasn’t re-elected. It had to do with several factors including the awful state of the economy. It was SO bad, that there was a term called “the misery index” which included the inflation rate, the income tax rates, and so on. Also, Carter’s boycotting of the ’80 Olympics played into the American public’s negative attitude toward the former peanut farmer..and that’s just for starters. Jimmy Carter is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD and served honorably as a Naval officer. So, I don’t think his “manliness” had anything to do with his failure to get re-elected. Americans, overwhelmingly, were just sick and tired of the “misery index” and felt it was time for a change; a positive change. So, Ronald Reagan was elected in a historic landslide…a feat he’d repeat 4 years later.

Amazon adds racism disclaimer to ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons

“Tom and Jerry” cartoons for Amazon Prime Instant Video subscribers are now reportedly carrying a warning that they may depict scenes of “ethnic and racial prejudice.”

How crazy is that?!?! Another painful example of political correctness in this country gone wild.. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon, personally. But, shame on Amazon for doing this! Hopefully enough people will write Amazon and tell them to give the political correctness disclaimer crap a rest…that they’ll rethink this nonsense. Many of these cartoons were made over 70 years ago, for crying out loud! Its like having to put sensitivity labels on movies like Gone with the Wind, or the Wizard of Oz; both made in the 1930s. Totally ridiculous! Tom & Jerry cartoons are classics.. Maybe I’ll add some to my collection…but see if I can find them some other place other than Amazon. :-)

Report: Border Patrol Agent Says Classified Intel Proves Terrorists Infiltrate U.S.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona claims he was privy to classified intelligence that proves terrorists have infiltrated the homeland from Mexico.

Wow!! Lets assume for a moment, this is all true..and that’s what ANYONE in federal, state, and local law enforcement (LE) should do… Then just imagine what this might mean! The House should hold hearings IMMEDIATELY on this and, in the meantime, the Senate should pass the already passed House bill on border security which the House passed in August before it went on recess. Its nowhere near enough. BUT, its something..and it got bi-partisan support and passed overwhelmingly in the House. Of course, bitter liberal Democrat partisan Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) won’t even allow it to come up for a vote in the U.S. Senate. Typical. So, call your two U.S. Senators and demand that they bring this bill up for a vote, and get it passed. Securing the border is our #1 National Security priority! We’ve been saying that for months here at The Daily Buzz. There is no more time for political posturing like Harry Reid has been doing. Everything to him is about politics and posturing. It is irresponsible for people like him to do that and play with our safety as a nation. Sen. Harry Reid and Obama have FAILED our country’s security. Its time to demand that our Senators get off their butts and stop being lapdopgs for Obama’s failed liberal policies.

Texas Local Law Enforcement Prepares for Departure of Border Patrol from Rio Grande Valley Area

A constable is preparing for any possible changes as federal agents temporarily assigned to the Rio Grande Valley leave the region.

Kudos to this constable and his deputies in Hidalgo County, TX for picking up the slack as these Border Patrol (CBP) agents and National Guard troops prepare to leave the area. But, they simply don’t have the manpower to handle the flood of illegal aliens into their county. Of course, if the border was actually secured, it wouldn’t be much of an issue. That is why (yep, you knew this was coming) it is absolutely critical that we BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!…and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically ON the border..and that they stay there until that wall is built, and the border secured once and for all.

Opinion: Oops, he did it again: Obama won’t take blame for ISIS threat, weak economy

President Obama sat down with the friendly journalists at “60 Minutes” Sunday night.

Eric Bolling over at Fox News, and co-host on “The Five,” is spot on. Not only did Obama throw LTG Jim Clapper, and the rest of the intel community, under the bus for HIS willful ignorance and inaction.. BUT, he also lied about some very key facts. Unfortunately, the hosts of CBS’ 60 Minutes, just let Obama get away with his factual inaccuracies…and didn’t challenge him…either because they’re too incompetent, or didn’t want to challenge their guy on camera. Either way, they didn’t do their job. And, as a result, CBS did the American people a disservice. But, that’s par for the course with CBS, which is part of the dominantly liberal mainstream media.