Internal emails show Clinton got detailed intel on ‘planned’ Benghazi hit

Internal State Department emails in the aftermath of the Benghazi terror attack show then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received detailed information indicating the strike was planned by well-trained fighters, yet her office continued to push the narrative days later that it began “spontaneously.” The messages were among 296 emails released Friday by the State Department, in the first batch of emails to be made public from Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. Totaling 896 pages, the emails show a series of Libya dispatches Clinton received from a confidant, as well as the barrage of messages among her and her aides after Sept. 11, 2012. Those messages depict the rapidly changing understanding of what happened at the U.S. compound that night, and the administration’s internal struggle to settle on a public narrative. As previously reported, confidant Sidney Blumenthal fired off two memos in the two days after the attack. But the full email release shows he gave a highly detailed picture of what “sources” said had happened that night. Initially, on Sept. 12, he sent Clinton an email linking the attacks to anger over an anti-Islam Internet video which had triggered protests across the region. But the next day, he sent Clinton an email with very different information, saying officials believed the attackers were with the Islamist militia Ansar al-Sharia. He wrote that officials thought the attackers “prepared” for the strike and “took advantage of the cover” from demonstrations over the video. Further, he cited sources saying roughly 21 fighters left from a base in East Benghazi and “infiltrated the crowd” and began opening fire on the U.S. consulate. Libyan officers, he wrote, said the attacks were “planned” for roughly one month.

Ambassador Bolton: Released Emails Prove Hillary Responsible for Murder of Americans in Benghazi

Friday at the 2015 Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush, John Bolton, said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is “responsible for the tragedy of the murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans,” in the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi Libya. Bolton said, “I think the most telling information that we have seen in this limited number of emails is that there are repeated examples of Secretary of State Clinton being told in 2011 and 2012 that the security situation of our personnel in Tripoli and Benghazi was very precarious. The country’s government had fallen apart—that the threat from terrorist attacks was high and that our people were very concerned about it.” He continued, “Now you’ll recall in her limited public appearances to date that she has said, you know, I don’t get involved in that security stuff, you know, I have people that do that. Well I have to say when I heard that I was stunned. I’ve worked for six different secretaries of state, everyone of them coming from very different backgrounds, every one of them cared about the safety of the Americans who worked for them in the State Department. And not one of them would have missed the danger that our diplomats in Libya faced. And this was called to her attention repeatedly and she didn’t do anything about it. So When we ask the question, who is responsible for the tragedy of the murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, there is a very clear answer. It was Hillary Clinton.” He added, “She said she didn’t know the security situation in Libya , these documents alone, these are the first documents, it’s only going to get worse after this, after the other documents come out, but these documents alone, we know she was advised repeatedly about how dangerous it was.”

Iowa Democrats on Hillary’s Accomplishments as Secretary of State: Uh . . .

Iowa Democrats seem to agree on three things: Hillary Clinton is eminently qualified to be president of the United States, she’s a “bad mama jama,” and her accomplishments as secretary of state are so unbelievably impressive they’re hard to put into words. A Bloomberg Politics/Purple Strategies focus group told journalist Mark Halperin, in a segment featured on MSNBC this morning, that Mrs. Clinton is a “strong, confident woman,” a “bad mama jama” who’s not “afraid to step up” or “afraid to say ‘No. I don’t want to do it that way. I’m going to do it this way.’” Unfortunately for Hillary said Hawkeye State voters had a hard time coming up with an instance where she showed said virtues. Asked to name a few “significant” accomplishments Hillary had as America’s top diplomat, Halperin is met by a long collective sigh. “I really can’t name anything off the top of my head,” an embarrassed respondent admits. “Give me a minute. Give me two minutes. Go to someplace else,” a second has to answer. A third Iowa Democrat, after a lengthy pause, finally cuts to the chase: “No.” Oh, well. We shouldn’t be too hard on this sample of Hillary’s vaunted “everyday Americans” because they’re not alone. Last year, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki struggled to name a positive result of the department’s 2010 Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, conducted under Secretary Clinton, when asked by the AP’s Matt Lee. Psaki was “certain that those who were here at the time who worked hard on that effort could point out one.” Even Hillary has trouble answering the question. At the Women of the World Summit in New York last year, Hillary said she was “proud of the stabilization and the really solid leadership that the administration provided” and the restoration of “American leadership in the best sense.” Hillary added “and then, of course a lot of particulars, but I am finishing my book so you’ll be able to read all about it.” Oh. Apparently her fans in Iowa haven’t gotten around to that.

I watched some of this interview with these Iowa Dems..  Wow…  They couldn’t come up with ONE accomplishment that Hiilary had as Sec of State that they admired.  Not one!!  And yet, they pointed to her experience as Sec of State as a qualification for being our next President.  It’s frightening to think that people like that are actually going to vote.  God help us..

12 grilling recipes for your Memorial Day party

Say hello to summer with some of our all-time favorite grilling recipes. Grab your cool barbecue tools to show off to friends and family, first. You can heat things up with smokey barbecued wings then cool off with a refreshing watermelon salad. So break out the charcoal and firestarters, grab an ice cold beer– or whip a refreshing summer cocktail–and enjoy the summer weather.

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NIH funded gay smoking study with taxpayers’ money

The National Institutes of Health is using hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on grants to study the best ways to get gay people to quit smoking and abusing drugs and alcohol. The University of Illinois at Chicago has spent over $435,000 since 2010 to carry out a “culturally targeted and individually tailored smoking cessation study” for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) smokers, according to the grant information published by the NIH. Additionally, NIH gave the University of Pittsburgh $43,120 to study tobacco and alcohol use trajectories in “sexual-minority emerging adults” and has awarded over $178,000 to Columbia University to research substance abuse disparities in sexual minority youths. Taxpayer watchdogs say the agency’s focused grants contradict liberal talking points on equality by using federal money to push a special interest agenda rather than spending it to research general health concerns. “The assumption that LGBTs are somehow biologically or psychologically different contradicts everything the left tells us, and it makes absolutely no sense to create programs around these interest groups,” said Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government. “This has the appearance of special interest pandering rather than real public health concerns.”

That’s our hard-earned tax dollars at work..  Unreal…  Congress needs to just defund the NIH entirely.  It’s big government, wasteful pork spending, political correctness, and liberal hypocrisy gone wild…and out of control.

Unemployment Rate Dropped for Foreign-Born Workers in 2014

The unemployment rate for foreign-born workers in the U.S. fell to 5.6% in 2014 from 6.9% in 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday, reflecting the overall firming up of the labor market last year. The unemployment rate for the native-born fell to 6.3% last year from 7.5% in 2013. Since 2009, when the national unemployment rate peaked, joblessness among foreign-born workers has fallen by 4.1 percentage points. The drop was 2.9 percentage points for the native born. The report is compiled annually from the Current Population Survey. Foreign-born workers are those living in the U.S. who were not U.S. citizens at birth and who were born outside the country to parents who were not themselves U.S. citizens, according to the BLS. The number of foreign-born workers kept rising. Last year, there were 25.7 million in the U.S., up from 25.3 million in 2013. They accounted for 16.5% of the labor force in 2014, up from 16.3% the year before and 15.5% in 2009, the year the recovery began. The foreign-born worker labor-force participation rate—the share aged 16 and older working or looking for work–was 66.0% in 2014, higher than the native-born rate of 62.3%. Foreign-born workers are more likely than native-born workers to be male and more likely to be between the ages of 25 to 54, ages when the participation rate is highest, according to the BLS.

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