EPA’s clean power fraud – The agency’s plan will do little good and much damage

The Environmental Protection Agency has twisted 280 words in the Clean Air Act into 2,690 pages of Clean Power Plan regulations and appendices. The Clean Power Plan requires that states slash their utility-sector carbon-dioxide emissions an average of 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. At least 12 states will have to impose 40-48 percent reductions. Those states now get 50-96 percent of their electricity from coal, and nearly all their electricity from coal and natural gas. Further complicating matters, even replacing coal-fired units with natural gas turbines is highly restricted under the plan. Replacing this power generation with wind and solar will disrupt grid reliability, risk brownouts and blackouts, and bankrupt many businesses, families and communities. Coal-reliant states currently pay 8-9 cents per kilowatt-hour. Their rates will likely go well beyond the 15-17 cents per kilowatt-hour that families, hospitals, factories, schools and businesses now pay in “green energy” states such as California and Connecticut. They could skyrocket to the 36-40 cents that Germans and Danes are paying — or 70-80 cents when taxpayer subsidies are included. The EPA claims more taxpayer-financed energy subsidies will help the poorest families. What about everyone else? Millions of workers will lose their jobs, leaving more families destitute and welfare-dependent. Many will have to choose between buying food and gasoline, paying the rent or mortgage, visiting doctors, giving to charities, or saving for retirement. Those still working will pay for everyone else. Families will face sleep deprivation, greater stress and depression, and more drug and alcohol abuse, spousal and child abuse, and theft and robbery. Nutrition and medical care will suffer. More people will have strokes and heart attacks. More will die prematurely or commit suicide. More elderly people will perish from hypothermia, because they cannot afford to heat their homes properly. Sprawling wind and solar installations and transmission lines across millions of acres of wildlife and scenic areas will kill millions of eagles, hawks, and other birds and bats. These are among the reasons Congress has rejected nearly 700 climate bills. The Clean Power Plan is the result of the EPA colluding regularly with radical environmentalist pressure groups and circumventing our legislative process, laws and Constitution. The EPA also uses a “social cost of carbon” scheme that places arbitrary, inflated costs on damages it claims result from carbon-based fuels disrupting Earth’s climate. The agency includes every imaginable cost of using hydrocarbon energy — but ignores even the most important and obvious benefits of using those fuels. The Clean Power Plan also ignores the real world outside the EPA’s windows. Contrary to climate model predictions, global temperatures haven’t budged in 18 years, and no Category 3, 4 or 5 hurricane has hit the United States in nearly a record 10 years. Moreover, slashing America’s carbon-dioxide emissions, destroying jobs and impairing human welfare will prevent less than 0.03 degrees Fahrenheit of global warming 85 years from now. These totalitarian green decrees are fraudulent, illegal and unconstitutional. They severely impair the rights of people to enjoy affordable, reliable energy and the quality jobs, living standards, health and welfare such energy brings. We must demand debate on every aspect of climate and energy issues — and honesty, transparency and accountability in all regulatory processes. There is no room for fraud and deceit. States should refuse to comply with the Clean Power Plan. Elected officials, presidential candidates and citizen groups should speak out loudly, clearly and often — and begin curbing the excessive power and representation of extreme environmentalists and bureaucrats in our government. Congress and courts must end the constant collusion and sue-and-settle lawsuits between the EPA and radical pressure groups. Congress must cut agency budgets, especially the billions of dollars the EPA and other agencies give to anti-energy advocacy organizations and rubber-stamping advisory panels. Congressional committees and our next president must subject secret data, computer codes, models and studies to full review by independent experts — to determine which assertions, policies and regulations are reasonable and legitimate, and which are based on serious error, deceptive claims or outright fraud. During this review process, they should suspend and defund implementation of regulations and programs that raise serious questions about honesty and validity. Rules and programs ultimately found to be based on junk science, doctored data, collusion or concocted evidence should be terminated — and agency personnel who have engaged in deceptive or fraudulent practices should be penalized or fired. We must ensure that regulatory agencies and their advisory councils become more honest and transparent; represent a broader spectrum of expertise, viewpoints and interests than they do now; fully assess evidence for and against alleged “dangerous man-made climate change”; and carefully evaluate the impacts of regulatory actions on jobs, living standards, health and welfare. Congress and states must reassert their legislative roles, restore federalism and separation of powers as the foundation of our American system, and address the extreme deference that courts too often give “agency discretion.” These steps will be opposed by President Obama, many Democrats and members of the climate crisis and renewable energy complex. However, these actions are essential if the United States is to have an economic and employment revival, and poor, minority and blue-collar families are to be protected from regulatory excess and unaccountable ruling elites.

Outstanding op/ed by author Paul Driessen! He absolutely nails it!! Please consider this your “read of the day,” and pass it along to all of your friends and family members. :-)

ABC News Has Yet to Release Full Suicide Note of Vester Lee Flanagan

Vester Lee Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams, murdered two former colleagues at a TV news station in Roanoke, Virginia, last Wednesday morning. A couple hours after the shooting, ABC News received a 23-page fax outlining Flanagan’s views and motives in his own words. In the five days since the shooting, ABC News has chosen not to publish the full contents of the fax, which was variously described in the media as a manifesto or a suicide note. No explanation has been given for withholding the full contents from the public. Given that Flanagan is dead, there would seem to be no reason not to reveal it (i.e., no pending trial and therefore no reason to worry about an ongoing investigation or influencing potential jurors). ABC did report excerpts from the document on the day of the shooting. In them, Flanagan said the final straw that prompted his crime was the Charleston church shooting. Speaking of racist shooter Dylan Roof, Flanagan wrote, “You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE… (deleted)!!!” A New York Times report, published last Thursday, described the fax as containing 3 separate suicide notes, all of which had been typed in the past few weeks. The Times added some additional detail to the report by ABC, including the fact that, after he was fired by WDBJ in 2013, Flanagan killed his two cats in a rage and later buried them. On Monday, the New York Daily News reported on a separate cache of letters Flanagan sent to his former roommate Robert Avent. Avent and Flanagan met in 2002 while working out at a gym in North Carolina. In the letters, Flanagan reminisces about his life as a gay prostitute and describes his disappointment and worry over losing his looks.

Of course ABC News has buried this! That is hardly surprising. After all, this story doesn’t fit their racial template, or further their liberal racial agenda. To them, only white people can be racists, and commit racially motivated “hate crimes.” So, they don’t know what to do with this. Of course, if the races had been reversed, the “manifesto” would be the topic de jour nonstop on the news networks. And ABC News, along with the rest of the dominantly liberal mainstream media, would be putting it out nonstop 24/7…and we ALL know it. This lunatic piece of garbage was VERY up front and open about his intention to further (or start) a race war, and said as much. He was a brazen (gay) black racist, and very open and honest about that as well. And yet, that whole component of this story has been buried by the liberal media. NOWHERE is the racial component even discussed by the liberal media. In fact, we’re still seeing stories about how they’re “trying to understand why” he did what he did; what the “motive” was…and that the authorities are still investigating the murder “to determine a motive.” It makes me want to vomit! Gimme a break, and stop insulting our intelligence! These cops need to have the courage to call this what it was; a racially motivated murder. Period! That’s it! This isn’t rocket science. No further “investigation” is required. He told us all why he did what he did!

As an aside… Those self-righteous, entitlement-minded, racist “Black Lives Matter” rabble rousers need to be shunned for what they’re saying about cops and such, and seizing on this horrific act of evil to further THEIR liberal racist agenda; to somehow attack cops and “racist” white people. It’s time we ALL stood up against their crap, and said, “ALL lives matter” and to call these “Black Lives Matter” losers what they are; racists.

Hillary Received Memo from David Brock to Impeach Clarence Thomas

Hillary Clinton’s recently released emails includes a memo sent by David Brock titled, “Memo on Impeaching Clarence Thomas.” The purpose of the document might suggest Clinton, or at least those closest to her and in her circle, are interested in impeaching Justice Thomas. The document contains information from Brock about his book, The Real Anita Hill, and other similar points on Justice Thomas’s personal life. The document contains details of Brock himself potentially intimidating women close to Justice Thomas. These details were from a 2001 New York Times article, in which the author reached out to a colleague of Thomas, Kaye Savage. Reached at home in Washington last night, Ms. Savage said that Mr. Brock had tried to intimidate her but that he had not told her the source of the negative information.” In the memo found in Clinton’s email, Brock notes his use of “journalistic sleight-of-hand involving a written statement Savage had given me under duress”

Wow.. Like we’ve been saying for a while now.. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Plan on seeing a WHOLE lot more of this outrageous nonsense as more of Hillary’s emails get released.

Obama’s green pressure tactics exposed: Governors, climate activists help sell agenda

The Obama administration, top climate change crusaders and governors from across the country have engaged in a highly coordinated effort to publicly sell the president’s green agenda and put private pressure on opponents, according to newly released emails and other records obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests. The striking report from the Energy and Environment Legal Institute’s Christopher Horner — who first revealed Lisa P. Jackson’s use of private email accounts and aliases while at the helm of the Environmental Protection Agency — sheds new light on the level of cooperation among top White House officials, billionaire and climate change activist Tom Steyer, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and other backers of Mr. Obama’s global warming regulations, including restrictions on carbon pollution from power plants. The documents show frequent communication and meetings among Democratic officials at the state and federal levels and, among other environmental groups, representatives of NextGen Climate, a leading climate change advocacy group led by Mr. Steyer. The emails show Rohan Patel, a special assistant to the president and the White House deputy director of intergovernmental affairs, as a liaison between the administration and state officials and a key figure in developing the broader plan to sell Mr. Obama’s climate proposals. The report was released last week, just days before Mr. Obama traveled to Alaska to promote his environmental agenda. The president will remain in Alaska through Wednesday. He delivered a speech Monday evening on the threats posed by climate change. Specifically, the report lays out in detail how environmental activists and public officials coordinated on how best to drum up support for Mr. Obama’s climate agenda. The strategy centered on, among other things, Democratic governors’ offices enlisting utility companies to put pressure on Republican governors who are vehemently opposed to Mr. Obama’s environmental regulations. “The emails cite one tactic seemingly lifted from an episode of ‘House of Cards’: Democratic governors will ‘creatively engage’ electric utilities under their jurisdiction to bring Republican governors on board, instead of using green groups to pressure Republicans,” the report reads in part. Democratic governors — including Mr. McAuliffe, Mr. Beshear and former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber — would privately pressure utilities whose jurisdictions crossed state lines into Republican-controlled states. At the same time, leading environmental groups would work with the White House and state Democratic leaders to roll out a comprehensive public relations strategy and otherwise generate support for Mr. Obama’s climate initiatives. Mr. Patel referred all questions to the White House press office, which did not respond to a request for comment. NextGen also did not respond to a request for comment. Critics say the lengthy report is more proof that the Democratic Party and the environmental movement essentially function as one entity with a shared goal of forcing fossil fuels out of the U.S. energy mix. They also point out that significant taxpayer money apparently is being used to promote Mr. Obama’s climate goals. “The extent of it is pretty impressive — the idea that you could get a bunch of grown people from all varying perspectives pointing in the same direction is an impressive testament to the uniformity of thought among Democrats,” said Michael McKenna, a Republican strategist and president of the lobbying firm MWR Strategies. “It’s pretty hard confirmation of something we already knew … that the modern-day Democratic Party is handmaiden to the environmentalists.” The emails also reveal a “core group” of officials in governors’ offices across the country who would take part in “weekly governors energy and climate commitment conversation.” The group includes Mr. Beshear, the Kentucky governor whose state is one of the nation’s largest coal producers. Publicly, he remains opposed to the EPA’s carbon emissions regulations and other pieces of Mr. Obama’s agenda.

Nothing new or surprising here..

Fragments of world’s oldest Koran may predate Muhammad, scholars say

British scholars have suggested that fragments of the world’s oldest known Koran, which were discovered last month, may predate the accepted founding date of Islam by the Muslim prophet Muhammad. The Times of London reported that radiocarbon dating carried out by experts at the University of Oxford says the fragments were produced between the years 568 A.D. and 645 A.D. Muhammad is generally believed to have lived between 570 A.D. and 632 A.D. The man known to Muslims as The Prophet is thought to have founded Islam sometime after 610 A.D., with the first Muslim community established at Medina, in present-day Saudi Arabia, in 622 A.D. “This gives more ground to what have been peripheral views of the Koran’s genesis, like that Muhammad and his early followers used a text that was already in existence and shaped it to fit their own political and theological agenda, rather than Muhammad receiving a revelation from heaven,” Keith Small of Oxford’s Bodleian Library told the Times. The two sheets of Islam’s holy book were discovered in a library at the University of Birmingham in England, where they had been mistakenly bound in a Koran dating to the seventh century. They were part of a collection of 3,000 Middle Eastern texts gathered in Iraq in the 1920s. Muslims scholars have disputed the idea that the Birmingham Koran predates Muhammad, with Mustafa Shah of the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies telling the Times: “If anything, the manuscript has consolidated traditional accounts of the Koran’s origins.” The first known formal text of the Koran was not assembled until 653 A.D. on the orders of Uthman, the third caliph, or leader of the Muslim community after Muhammad’s death. Before that, however, fragments of the work had circulated through oral tradition, though parts of the work had also been written down on stones, leaves, parchment and bones. The fragments of the Birmingham Koran were written on either sheepskin or goatskin. Small cautioned that the carbon dating was only done on the parchment in the fragments, and not the actual ink, but added “If the dates apply to the parchment and the ink, and the dates across the entire range apply, then the Koran — or at least portions of it — predates Mohammed, and moves back the years that an Arabic literary culture is in place well into the 500s.”

Wow! I’m guessing this is a bit awkward for those in the Muslim community! No wonder the “Muslim scholars” here are disputing these findings. It upends what they believe to be true regarding this timeline. Can’t have that! lol Interesting.. And, definitely something to keep an eye on…

Supreme Court rules against Kentucky clerk in gay marriage case

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against the Kentucky county clerk who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and the clerk will arrive at work Tuesday morning to face her moment of truth. Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis will have to choose whether to issue marriage licenses, defying her Christian conviction, or continue to refuse them, defying a federal judge who could pummel her with fines or order that she be hauled off to jail. “She’s going to have to think and pray about her decision overnight. She certainly understands the consequences either way,” Mat Staver, founder of the law firm representing Davis, said on Monday, hours before a court-ordered delay in the case expired. “She’ll report to work tomorrow, and face whatever she has to face.” A line of couples, turned away by her office again and again in the two months since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across the nation, plan to meet her at the courthouse door. Davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses in the days after the landmark decision. Two gay couples and two straight couples sued her, arguing that she must fulfill her duties as an elected official despite her personal religious faith. A federal judge ordered her to issue the licenses, and an appeals court upheld that decision. Her lawyers with the Liberty Counsel filed a last-ditch appeal to the Supreme Court on Friday, asking that they grant her “asylum for her conscience.” Justice Elena Kagan, who oversees the 6th district, referred Davis’ request to the full court, which denied the stay without comment. Kagan joined the majority in June when the court legalized gay marriage across the nation. Meanwhile, a couple that had been turned away went to Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins to ask that she be charged with official misconduct, a misdemeanor defined by state law as a public official who “refrains from performing a duty imposed upon him by law or clearly inherent in the nature of his office.” The crime is punishable by up to a year in jail. Watkins cited a conflict of interest and forwarded the complaint to Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, whose office will decide whether to appoint a special prosecutor, generally a county attorney from a surrounding jurisdiction, who would decide whether to file charges. As the clock wound down for Davis on Monday, the tension intensified between dueling groups of protesters outside her office window on the courthouse lawn.

This was bound to happen.. But, this issue should NEVER have gotten this far. The Supremes were wrong for having weighed in to begin with. The proper, and constitutional, thing for them to have done was to have sent this issue back to the various states for them to decide how THEY wanted to handle so-called “gay marriage.” If California, Oregon, and other “blue” states wanted to legalize same-gender marriages, then they would have that right. And, by contrast, if states like Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and other more “red”-leaning states wanted to protect traditional marriage, then they would have that right as well. And, Elena Kagan should have recused herself from the decision altogether as their was a clear conflict of interest. After all, she had performed same-gender marriage ceremonies before she sat on the Supereme Court, and before it was legal, for crying out loud! But, the liberals on the Court wanted to use this opportunity to advance their gay-agenda, instead of doing their job with integrity. Typical.. It is THESE sorts of ill-considered decisions, where the fascists in the federal government are contiuously imposing their will on the states that is the cause for much of the division we’ve been seeing. And, ironically, it is exactly this sorta thing that lead to our nation’s Civil War. It didn’t start because of slavery, as most people think. It started over state’s rights, and the south rebelling over what they perceived as federal (i.e. the north) intrusion and bullying. And history seems to repeat itself…

Feds fighting to keep cash seized from person never charged with crime

Federal prosecutors are battling in court to keep $167,000 in cash seized in a 2013 traffic stop, despite the motorist never being charged in the incident and the Obama administration clamped down this spring on such asset seizures and forfeitures. The case — which highlights the ongoing concerns about the government unjustly seizing money and property — began when a Nevada state trooper pulled over the motorist on a cross-country trip to California. The trooper stopped Hawaii resident Straughn Gorman’s motor-home in January 2013 for allegedly going too slow along Interstate 80. According to court documents, Gorman was allowed to proceed without a citation despite the trooper suspecting he was hiding cash. The trooper said he couldn’t inspect the vehicle because he would have needed a canine unit and for the dog to detect drugs, which would have created enough probable cause to get a search warrant. However, no canine unit was available so the trooper released Gorman but not before requesting the county sheriff’s office stop him again — about 50 minutes later and this time with a drug-sniffing dog. No drugs were found during the second stop, in which Gorman was pulled over for two alleged traffic violation. But his vehicle, computer, cellphone and the cash, stashed throughout the vehicle, were seized. In June, a federal judge in Nevada ordered Gorman’s cash be returned. In his ruling, District Judge Larry Hicks cited Gorman’s “prolonged detention” for the alleged traffic violations and criticized federal authorities for failing to disclose that the first officer requested the second stop. “The second stop was not based on independent, reasonable suspicion sufficient to justify the prolonged investigation,” wrote Hicks, a Bush administration appointee. “The two stops were for minor traffic violations, and they both were extended beyond the legitimate purposes for such traffic stops.” Hicks also said in his ruling the second stop never would have happened if the first officer had not relayed information about the first stop, which included a vehicle description, suspicion about concealed cash and that a “canine sniff” would likely be needed to get probable cause for a search. The federal government earlier this month appealed Hicks’ ruling in the 9th Circuit Court, in San Francisco, considered among the most liberal in the country. Federal attorneys did not submit a reason for the appeal in their one-paragraph request, according to The Daily Signal, which first reported the request. The court is expected to also decide whether Gorman should be reimbursed $153,000 in legal fees, which federal lawyers don’t want to pay. The first court proceeding is scheduled for November 19. The Justice Department earlier this year issued a series of directives to reform and restrict its policies on asset seizures and forfeitures, amid the complaints about government abuse and overreach. “We are keenly aware of concerns raised about certain seizures and forfeiture practices,” the agency told the Senate Judiciary Committee in April. “The department takes seriously any and all allegations of perceived or actual abuse.” The first of the changes were announced in January by then-Attorney General Eric Holder, starting with forfeitures. Holder said federal agencies could no longer take assets seized by state and local law enforcement agencies, except for those “directly related to public safety concerns” including firearms, ammunition, explosives and property associated with child pornography. Among the valuables the agencies can no longer take are cash and vehicles. In March, Holder announced changes to banking laws that allow money to be seized from people who make deposits below specific amounts to intentionally keep the transaction from being reported to federal authorities — a scheme known as “structuring.” Holder said authorities would now focus on “the most serious offenses” and essentially that money could be seized only after the defendant is charge with a crime or found to have been engaged in a crime beyond structuring, according to document the Justice Department gave FoxNews.com this week. The minimum-deposit laws were enacted to detect and nab drug dealers, terrorists and other money-launders and criminals trying to conceal their enterprise and cash. And they were enacted to create a money stream to provide financial compensation to crime victims. The IRS seized more than $242 million in roughly 2,500 alleged structuring violations, from 2005 to 2012. However, no other criminal activity was alleged in roughly 33 percent of the cases, according to the Institute of Justice, which worked on a more recent case in North Carolina. Last year, the IRS took $107,000 from Carolina small-business owner Lyndon McLellan after he made a series of deposits under $10,000. McLellan owns a convenience store-restaurant-gas station. And many of his transactions are in cash. The federal government offered to return half of McLellan’s cash, a standard move by federal officials who know many people cannot afford a lengthy court battle and would rather settle. McLellan got back all of the money but wasn’t reimbursed roughly $22,000 in legal and accounting fees, Institute attorney Robert Everett Johnson said Tuesday. “We’re pleased that Lyndon’s money has been returned,” Johnson said. “That the federal government returned the money validates he didn’t do anything wrong.” However, Johnson expresses dismay that his client is still battling to recoup his costs and interest on the seized money, to which he appear entitled under the 2000 Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act. “We think the federal government should make him whole,” he said. “It simply cannot pretend that nothing happened.”

This story should infuriate every American with half a brain.  This is our federal government, in cooperation with these state troopers in Nevada, totally out of control.  This is the United States; NOT Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, or N. Korea.  These troopers had NO right whatsoever to take this man’s cash.  So, kudos to Judge Larry Hicks for calling them on it.  Hopefully the 9th Circus will follow his smart lead.  We, of course, will keep an eye on this..